CBD Oil Packing

White Label Programs

If you are looking to build your own brand of products, lets discuss our unique blend and what we can offer through our white labels programs. We can help guide you to get your products on the market.

  • Marketing support
  • Label requirements, design, and printing support
  • Bottle, packaging, and supply support
  • Online support

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil – Freshly Squeezed Hemp
Freshly squeezed full spectrum hemp extract like nothing you’ve experienced. Blending only the purest organic ingredients under extreme pressure, we have created something unique and very effective. This is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil at its finest. Taste the purity of our ingredients and feel the burn of Mother Nature that runs deep in our products. We grow our hemp organically and work the fields by hand to ensure only the purest ingredients go into every bottle we make for you. Our process is solvent and chemical free. It is pure and all natural. Why take Processed CBD when you can take Freshly Squeezed full spectrum hemp extract. Taste and feel the difference of Spectrum EQ.
Who We Are
Growing up on the farms of Illinois and Oklahoma, the founders were raised to work hard, to connect and live off the land, and to treat fellow man with honesty and respect. We recognize the endless benefits nature has for mankind and the hard work it takes to bring it from seed to shelf. This company was founded for the love of man, the respect of Mother Nature, and the belief that one can achieve anything through hard work and determination.