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Who We Are

Growing up on the farms of Illinois and Oklahoma, the founders were raised to work hard, to connect and live off the land, and to treat fellow man with honesty and respect. We recognize the endless benefits nature has for mankind and the hard work it takes to bring it from seed to shelf. This company was founded for the love of man, the respect of Mother Nature, and the belief that one can achieve anything through hard work and determination.

“I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and have tried countless treatments and medications. I started taking Spectrum EQ, and it has given me a much needed jump start in my life. By easing my aches and helping me rest, it has helped me get active again and enjoy life.”


Fresh Pressed vs Processed

We blend the purest organic ingredients and under extreme pressure extract all of the wonderful elements the hemp plant has to offer. This process washes out the full spectrum of cannabinoids, rich terpenes, beneficial flavonoids, and other natural elements creating an entourage effect of wellness for your body.

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Our Hands to Your Home

“Suffering from sleep apnea and anxiety all my life, relaxing and getting a good nights rest has always been nearly impossible for me. I was skeptical at first but once I started taking Spectrum EQ I noticed a major difference after taking it for a week. I am able to relax and get better sleep at night helping my overall quality of life.”